Nov. 08, 2012
Posted at November 8, 2012 10:00 pm by Diane Dorman

3 Responses to Fast Forward 2013 …

  1. The MSA Support Group will encourage our members to write congress about multiple system atrophy and support of rare disease legislation.

    Thanks NORD for your great work on behalf of the rare disease community!

  2. kathy busby says:

    would love to help

  3. Kathleen Murphy says:

    I was just notified by the state of Pa that in 10 days I will no longer have my health insurance because Pa ran out of money. I have Castlemans and Systemic Mastocytosis. I wonder if the goverment has any idea of whats its like to have a rare disease or 2 and no insurance therefore no treatment. I had no treatment for a year and a half because I didnt have insurance, now I am there again.,

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