Jun. 23, 2014
Posted at June 23, 2014 1:13 pm by Mary Dunkle

4 Responses to Living With Essential Thrombocythemia (ET)

  1. Mrs.&Mr. Randau says:

    We have known Antje for years.
    She is a remarkable lady w./ ” heart of gold “.
    Her positive attitude re. daily life and her desire to be
    of assistance to others who suffer from MPN is remarkable.

    May her efforts be recognized and bear the fruits of her

    Your friends Elke and Ralph

  2. Hi Mary,
    I completely agree with this key point: “Learn as much as you can about your disease. Knowledge is power and it will enable you to share in the decision-making for your care and treatment.” I saw mylself in this article. Thanks.

  3. Wendy says:

    I was diagnosed about six years ago. Went on hydroxyurea about two years ago and for the most part have been relatively healthy. I am sixty-years old and continue to work in the tech dept for an environmental conservation organization. I just recently started experiencing pain in my elbow — just the right one — anyone had this symptom? I’m seeing my doctor tomorrow and then my hematologist. I would appreciate any insight into this new development.

  4. Mike Roesch says:

    I was diagnosed with ET about 18 months ago. I am on 1000mg of Hydroxyurea which I have NO problems with. My counts have dropped but still over 600. My question, in looking for additional life insurance, do I need to list this as a cancer-type disease or not?

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