Apr. 22, 2014
TOPIC: Medical
Posted at April 22, 2014 2:53 pm by E. Michael D. (Mike) Scott

One Response to The International Rare Cancers Initiative

  1. Erin Borchardt says:

    I am a genetic counseling graduate student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and sometimes see patients with rare cancers in the cancer genetics clinic. I am currently taking a consumer health advocacy course and wanted to share an inspiring story I came across in my studies. A young gentleman named Josh Sommers was diagnosed with a rare cancer called Chordoma. He noticed the barriers mentioned above, including access to scientific resources, funding, and coordination/collaboration between researchers – and was able to overcome these barriers by reaching out to the scientific community. You can learn more about his story here: http://fora.tv/2010/04/23/Sage_Commons_Josh_Sommer_Chordoma_Foundation, and visit his foundation website here: http://www.chordomafoundation.org. I commend those of you fighting for this important cause and wish you the best!

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